s3Capcha, jQuery captcha plugin

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  1. ABOUT

    The s3Capcha jQuery plugin is made by an example of WebDesignBeach Ajax Fancy Captcha.
    When i saw this plugin that my friends from WebDesignBeach made i thought "this would be perfect addon to my web site kruskica.net". But after reviewing it, there was 3 things why i decide to build my own rather then use theirs.

    • Doesn't gracefully degrade if javascript is off (witch is not a big problem since 95% of the web users has it on), but since the whole web site degrades, why not the capcha too ;-)
    • JavaScript always know the answer of the capcha question.
    • And most important, i didn't want to use the jQueryUI for it, i want it small and simple, since my web site already had too many javascripts.

    Demonstration on live website


    It is very easy. First include the jQuery library then include the s3Capcha javascript in the head of the page(s) where you want to use s3Capcha.

    jQuery can be download from jQuery`s homepage.

    		< script src="js/jquery.js" type="text/javascript">< /script>
    		< script src="js/s3Capcha.js" type="text/javascript">< /script>

    Important: For the script to work properly there is a set of rules that must be followed.



    In element with specific id (i`ve put the s3capcha) include the s3Capcha.php file. For the element, i`ve put the div, but you can put what ever element you like.


    	#s3capcha {
    		float: left;

    Then you need to initalize s3Capcha.


    	$(document).ready(function() {


    To verify that right image has been selected, use this code.

    		if($_POST['s3capcha'] == $_SESSION['s3capcha'] && $_POST['s3capcha'] != '') {
    			// true //
    		} else {
    			// false //

    Take a look at the live example.


    If you like, you can change the images that will be shown. You can do that by editing the s3Config.php file.

    		$values     = array('apple','strawberry','lemon','cherry','pear'); // image names //
    		$imageExt   = 'jpg'; // images extension //
    		$imagePath  = 's3images/'; // images path //
    		$imageW     = '33'; // icon width //
    		$imageH     = '33'; // icon height //

    As you can see, there are 5 options you can change. First one is an array of image names. Please note that the way you name your image, is the same name that will be shown at the front end where scipt ask you to select that image.
    Second option is the extension of your images, and the third is the path to them.

    If you need a new set of icons for this plugin, and you want someone who is familiar with it. You can contact my friend Robert who is great designer and also familiar with this plugin.


    This script is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5. So you can use it in all you projects even commercial ones.


    This plugin has been tested and is known to work in the following browsers:

    • Firefox 3.0.8 (Win/Linux/Mac)
    • Opera 9.6 (Win)
    • Safari 4 (Win/Mac)
    • Internet Explorer 6 (Win)
    • Internet Explorer 7 (Win)
    • Internet Explorer 8 (Win)
    • Google Chrome (Win)

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